Bringing together digital and analogue, imaginary sonic utopias where technology and the natural world merge seamlessly, the collective ecological responsibility of humanity... All part of the conversation with Galician musician BFlecha, whose music links modern r&b and electronica with earthy, traditional sounds.

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: Leafhopper

“The future, seen from the present” is how one could define Bflecha’s latest musical project ExNovo, released in April 2021 on Spanish label Arkestra Discos. The Galician artist known to navigate roads built between R&B and deconstructed electronics, returned to Sònar CCCB last October for a captivating performance.

We took this opportunity to discuss with her the philosophy behind her latest output, and how it syncs up with the cultural zeitgeist. Watch the full interview below, captured by Leafhopper and conducted by David Bola.

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David Bola is We are Europe Media‘s content editor. Formerly working at Radio Nova as a freelance journalist and hosts a monthly residency on Piñata Radio, with Ludotek, a show focused on video game music.

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