A few weeks ago, we asked Graz-based duo Alllone to send us names of bands and acts that were representative of their local scene. What we got in return is what you can hear when you plug an aux cord into Graz's rich cultural DNA.

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Authors: Alllone (Mathis Hofbauer and Stefan Krems)

Picture Credit: Phillip Bohar


Feelipa @ We Are Europe

No doubt, without the support and influence of this woman we would not be where we are today, especially not with our event series called GreyNote.

She always had an open ear for us and her good advice was gladly accepted.She has put out her feelers far into the event scene of Graz and as the main organizer of the Forum Stadtpark she has a lot of responsibility and is up to it, anytime when it comes to the promotion of freelance artists.

Through her love for electronic music, Feelipa has pushed the sound of the underground for years, as a longstanding member of Zagreb’s CFSN* as well as Graz’ very own disko404. Her current DJ sets consist of a good mixture of bass music styles around 130 bpm – from deep to bouncy and beyond – with one eye on the dancefloor she definitely knows how to roll.(Picture Credit © Doris Fatur)

Editor’s note : Zagreb CFSN is an association for promoting audio-visual arts, responsible for various club nights in Zagreb and two music festivals – Illectricity Festival and R/verse Festival


Awo Ojiji @ We are Europe

When we think about Awo Ojiji (who is one part of the long-standing Grazean DJ duo “doze“) we always have a friendly smile on our face. Not just because we are big fans of his artist’s name, but also because he always amazes us with his DJ skills and his own productions. You can almost say that an event with Awo Ojiji is already a successful event. Furthermore his kind of humour is good to have in any back stage area. (Picture Credit © Gregor Ladenhauf)

As a member of the disko404 crew he gradually immersed himself deeper into the realms of UK dance music – his personal gateway to the universe of dance music as a whole in the mid-2000s. As well as catching up with the history of Chicago and Detroit, he furthermore kept an eye on the broad contemporary musical progression, slowly becoming obsessed with constantly trying to find exciting new music from all over the world.

The music he is playing drifted more and more towards dark, dusty and broken beats, the latter more in a literal than in a general sense. He aims at creating a stream of textures, atmosphere, and rhythm in his sets, topped off with a good dose of physical impact, loosely gravitating in the wider spheres of techno, electro, and wave. Never forgetting his love for the obscure and funny, while constantly trying to surprise himself and others around. Best served with fog and strobe.


Sun People @ We are Europe

Sun People is clearly one of our musical idols and has always been one of Graz’ “heroes”, which is why it is an extremely great pleasure for us to be able to work with him on a regular basis. So he is not only a friend, but one of the most honest, loveliest and supporting guy in our life. Apart from his DJ and producer life, he is a sound engineer at our event venue of trust, better known as Forum Stadtpark and Member of the Board of the ‘IG Kultur Styria’*. (Picture Credit © Stefan Lozar)

In his productions Sun People is merging Footwork, Jungle and UK Hardcore Continuum influences to create his own trademark sound. With his releases on labels like Exit Records, Alphacut, Defrostatica, Through These Eyes or Modern Ruin, he has made a name for himself in the international scene.

Besides he pursues his musically versatile vision in a monthly radio show on London’s Sub.FM. Btw his discography is already gigantic. Many many thanks for everything simon <3

*Editor’s note: IG Kultur Styria is a cultural NGO that represents the interests of a 100 artists in Austria. The aim to improve the workings conditions and autonomy of cultural creators.


It almost seems like yesterday since we have seen Moska for the first time at an event in Graz. Moska plays exactly the sort of sets we love. A mix of different genres, selection always on fleek and as a bonus it is vinyl only. Her footwork/juke, hiphop and breakbeat sets have swept us of our feet and at the same time we were so happy that we could connect with her so well. It was such a good feeling to know that now we have one more talent in Graz, who is pushing underground bass music to the next level.

Moska @ We are Europe

Furthermore Moska is also an all-round multimedia artist, rooted in Ljubljana (SI). She is founder and selector of the weekly Mishmash Mo‘ radio show on Nula and a part of the DJ Saraieva. For all of this reasons we often have invited her to our Greynote evenings and hope that this will continue in the future and we will see her a lot at parties. (Picture Credit © Stefan Lozar)


D:enigma is one of the newest members to the GreyNote crew. Since he first approached us after a gig he has been bombarding us with his crazy beats, built on incredible sound design. After dropping his debut EP on Vale, he has now proven his talent to the world, especially in the drum and bass and half-beat scene.

D:Enigma @ We are Europe

He has found his passion to make and perform music in his early years of conscious music listening. In the never ending learning process of what can be done with audio frequencies, he tries to find space for some fusion with music from other cultural rich regions. On his way through various bpm’s and timbre, he seeks for new sound environments in the modern production world.(Picture Credit © Helene Vidonje)


The Berlin native was also recommended to us by a GreyNote Member named Dotworks and you could say that he joined the crew immediately, after we saw him playing for the very first time. OME already left his marks on the international dubstep scene and for sure is one of the big newcomers of the 140bpm lovers.

OME @ We are Europe

He has several releases on various labels, such as Locus Sound, Simply Deep, Transient Audio and For The Heads Records. While dropping one banger after the other, he also remained very active and motivated during the pandemic, to provide weekly streams with our friend and crew member Silkties, featuring guest DJs from Graz. (Picture Credit © Helene Vidonje)

Nichi Mlebom

Through nightly magic (the gathering) evenings a very close friendship developed between us, which became even stronger through music. Although musically we quite differ in terms of genres, we always managed to put together a good mixture of both styles with him.

Nichi Mlebom @ We are Europe

Even his move to the Czech Republic did not affect our workflow. Besides his producer activities, Nichi is also active in many bands like Land of ooo, Bird of the Year or the Dead End Friends (rip), one of the coolest Grazean bands. As this would not be enough, he also proved himself as a producer and sound engineer. In general he is a music nerd ever since and this will hopefully never stop. (Picture Credit © Leonie Bramberger)

Before Covid hit, he even made some experience as tour manager and sometimes also the driver. He is your multi-talented go-to guy. While at the moment we are only getting some pictures of famous Czech scyscrapers from him, we really hope to start some new projects with him soon or at least be able to visit each other again as we really miss him a lot. Furthermore bla bla bla bla bla <3

Grrrls Crew

Since 2010, the Grrrls Kulturverein (culture club) has been supporting WLINT+ artists, musicians, instrumentalists and DJs. With their events and activities they focus on the serious topic of gender equality and elevation of WLINT+ and the promotion of queer-feminist music and art inspired by the movement for women’s independence and against discrimination.

Grrrls Crew @ We are Europe

The Crew has successfully stirred up the male dominated electronic music scene and brought some fresh wind into it. For us they are one of the most motivated and active crews in Graz at the moment. Besides various radio shows on Radio Helsinki, they also organize different kind of events like DJ workshops and online tutorials.

Promoting and supporting young people is definitely one of their main focuses. The combination of their efforts for gender equality, their musical openness and helping new people to get into making music are unique in Graz and indispensable for the culture and music scene here.

(First vinyl from the crew© Hanna Helena Gerhardt)

About us (Alllone)

Alllone @ We are Europe
Alllone © Phillip Bohar

We used the first lockdown in Graz very productively and have since been processing and completing stuff from then on. Our latest release is an EP on the Canadian label Aufect and we are currently waiting for the production of our first vinyl to be finished, which we are rally looking forward to. It is also an honor that with this LP we are going to be the first release on Zenarchy, the new subsidiary label of Subaltern Record.

Besides that, we got our first project with a rapper upcoming, none other than the Big Dabbla from High Focus and Potent Funk. It is really a hell load of fun working with him and the outcome so far is amazing. Due to that pandemic, we spend most of our time producing but of course we are already looking forward to future bookings and cannot wait to play gigs again.

We have also some other exciting projects, which are not yet ready for the public ear, but we will definitely try to continue our self release series called Bedroom Files, which started in the first lockdown and already consists of three 4-track EPs and is to be continued, even though we are working on various other projects at the moment.

So yeah, we guess we are just keeping being busy 😉

On the Authors

We are Mathis Hofbauer and Stefan Krems aka alllone, a DJ/producer duo from Graz, Austria.

In 2013, we started playing hardcore and breakcore Dj-sets for a collective named Noise Collage. After a few years our sound changed and nowadays we produce distorted and harmonic bass music which is influenced a lot by hip hop, halfbeat, jungle, footwork, dubstep, jazz, and grime.

We have presented our debut EP called /// back in 2017. Since that we have released our music on labels like Aufect, Zenarchy, Sapyens Recordings, Duzz Down San, Balkan Kolektive, Simply Deep, Defkon1, and GreyNote.

Besides we were part of Ivan Shopov’s & Avigeya’s remix album Kanatitsa and we constantly try to push our self-release series called Bedroom Files via Bandcamp.

In 2017, we established our own collective called GreyNote which is based in Graz. We have organized A/V shows and clubbings, and invited artists like Persian Empire, A.Fruit, Yorobi, B.Visible, Ptah & Kinetical, Sun People and many more.Since 2020 we have been part of the “We are Europe“ – program. At the Elevate Festival 2020 we had the opportunity to present our live A/V show for the first time. The A/V show is a collaboration between alllone and Deafblind, three Graz based artists who generate live visuals and projection mapping.

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