We met with Mim Suleiman in C12, during the first club night of Nuits sonores Brussels.

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Author: David Bola

Photo Credit: Dries Degrande

As you’ll see in this interview, singer, songwriter and performer Mim Suleiman’s vibe is an infectious invitation to dance. During the latest edition of Nuits sonores Brussels, we caught up with the artist behind hits like Mwaitoma, Nyuli and Mingi to talk about her work with producer Maurice Fulton, attitude and transmission.

Camera by Dries Degrande

Editing by Pieter Vercammen & David Bola

Interview by David Bola

Motion Graphics by Mário Meira

Music by Mim Suleiman – “Na Mia”

About the Author

David Bola is We are Europe Media‘s content editor. Formerly working at Radio Nova as a freelance journalist and hosts a monthly residency on Piñata Radio, with Ludotek, a show focused on video game music.

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