For our coverage of Nuits sonores Colombia's Compilation, we looked into the state of the Colombian electronic scene, through the lens of journalists, artists and local figures.

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Photo Credit: Jose Gómez

A Social Outburst Rhythmed by Electronic Beats

Motivando a la gyal @ We are Europe
Motivando a la Gyal © Ross Uribe

During the massive 2021 Colombian protests, partying, dancing and electronic music were key tools to gather social fabric and resources in support of the mobilisations. Motivando a la Gyal, Génesis Sound System and Fuerzas Sónicas Unidas were three active collectives during those months, who found in electronic beats a form of activism. By Daniela Pomes

Fragmenting Silence: Safe Spaces in our Electronic Music Communities

Ediciones Eter @ We are Europe
Ediciones Eter © Ross Uribe

For several years now, the electronic scene in Colombia has started to think about the consequences of violence on and off the dancefloor. Three initiatives are redefining the notion of care and safety at night and, from different angles, resist the normality of complicit silence and violent spaces. By Luisa Uribe.

Pandemic Survival Manual: Clubs in Resistance

Calle 9+1 @ We are Europe
© Calle 9+1

In Colombia, the cultural sector was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. Many venues and bars, following the instinct of survival, clung to their practical tips audience, the only thing that has always kept them afloat. Here are some of their stories. By Daniela Trujillo.

Against All Odds: How an Electronic Scene in a Small Colombian Town is Self-Managed

Matteria Collective © Jose Gómez
© José Gomez

Promoters and selectors from non-central cities in Colombia, such as Mocoa, Pitalito and Pereira, tell us what it is like to organize a party and keep an electronic music collective alive, before and during the pandemic, in these territories. Despite having several factors against them, the imagination and collective work of a few helps to fulfill the same dream: to diversify the sound circuit they inhabit. By Santiago Riomalo Clavijo.

Colombia’s Ambient Shire

Ambient Santa Elena @ We are Europe
© Rossur

On the outskirts of the city of Medellín, in Colombia, between streams, birdsong and colourful flower farms, a handful of artists have decided to create soundscapes at the mercy of the mountain and the mystique of its forests. By Cristian Herrera.

Collectivity and Collaboration: Collective Thinking for the Future

Julianna @ We are Europe
Julianna © Ross Uribe

With the reflections of DJs and producers Julianna and Dani Boom, two of the most experienced artists on the national electronic scene, we review post-pandemic thoughts on what it means to collaborate intercontinentally. By Nathalia Guerrero.

Linapary on producing “P.U.T.A” with Simo Cell and Low Jack

Linapary @ We are Europe
Linapary © David Mesa

We interviewed Linapary, Colombian singer who penned and interpreted the lyrics of “P.U.T.A”, a slow perreo anthem produced by french producers Simo Cell and Low Jack.

Voiski and Verraco on the “End of The World”, Utopia and Notions of Collectivity

Verraco © Julian Gallo

We interviewed producers Voiski and Verraco on the changes of paradigms in the world and the utopias that still exist in it.

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