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We are Europe

Dear all,

We are Europe continues to follow its own momentum. This year, in the frame of its 16th edition, the electronic & independent Lyon-based festival Nuits sonores (06 – 13 May) welcomes 3 partner festivals from Spain, the Arctic and the Balkans: Sónar (Barcelona, Spain), Insomnia (Tromsø, Norway) et Resonate (Belgrade, Serbia) respectively.

Together, they’ve curated the festival’s opening party, hosting one of Belgrade leading electronic activist Kӣr (invited by Resonate), DJ and producer Charlotte Bendiks – aka Tromsø’s ambassador for body music – (invited by Insomnia) and the Italian, Madrid-based producer Bawrut (invited by Sónar).

On top of this program, Sónar and Nuits sonores have worked together on an experimental stage during the third main night of the festival, with hyperactive producer Ben Frost who performing an A/V live live show, as well as the dub/jungle experiments of Londoner Lee Gamble. We’ll also be treated to the voodoo-ambient sounds Raymonde and the cavernous noise of London’s Raime live. AZF – the high priestess of French techno– will close the stage.

The following day, Resonate and Nuits sonores present a co-curated stage dedicated to EBM and Cold Wave, featuring Les Fils de Jacob – a duo formed by people behind the Positive Education festival – new wave French duo Il Est Vilaine,  French electronic pioneer The Hacker, the elusive English producer Not Waving and the techno-EBM of French-English duo Fixmer / McCarthy.

Norwegian festival Insomnia showcase their emphasis on multiple genres in electronic music by presenting: the legendary Dopplereffekt, a bouncy, fresh live-set from Romanian producer Borusiade, and Norwegian Italo boss Skatebård – these three will all perform during the first ever daytime program of Nuits sonores. Elsewhere, Insomnia also presents German artists Lena Willikens and Helena Hauff, whose eclectic, superb DJ-sets are well known, as well as the dance noire of Swiss producer Aïsha Devi and Israeli duo Red Axes’ organic, trippy live-set.

The We are Europe program of European Lab forum, Nuits sonores’ concurrent forum of debates and ideas, will be announced next month.

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See you soon at one of our events.
Thank you for your interest and for sharing the news.


Guillaume Duchêne
Media relations manager - Arty Farty

Nuits sonores 2018
06 - 13 May, 2018
Lyon, France

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